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Flitwick High Street Dental PracticeFlitwick High Street Dental Practice
2.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Colin ScottColin Scott

Worst dentist ever!
Stay away from there , it has gone down hill massively I have been going there for 10 years but after my last trip I won't ever go back.
The dentist hurt me with the drill on numerous times , hitting my toungne my gums drilled away half my mouler only put a temp filling which fell out the next day . Told me to book another appointment as they did not have time as they wanted to go home . They were rushing around .
I told her then I will see another dentist I am not happy with how I am.being treated after 4 numbing injections.
STAY AWAY I'm telling you

Emily BantingEmily Banting

If I could give them no stars I would! Takes an age to get through on the phone to make an appointment. I booked an emergency appointment for my husband for a filling as his tooth cracked. He took the day off work to attend and was told they couldn't do it at an emergency appointment. They booked him another appointment to have it done which he took another day off work for only to be told they had only booked a checkup appointment not a filling appointment, so they sent him away (taking his money for the filling they hadn't done yet!). On his third appointment, another day off work, they filled it. He later saw a surgical dentist at the L&D on another matter and they looked at the filling and said it would break in a few weeks (it did!). Apparently only an incompetent dentist who was only after your money would put a filling in of that type with my husbands bite force. You only need to see the 'target' sheet clearly on display at the back of reception to know you are only a number and not a patient! Haven't been back since and £100 down! Kings Dental down the road are 100% better.

Natalie JNatalie J

In 2015 I lost a back tooth because one of the dentists (South African guy) at this practice failed to notice that there was a crack in it. It got infected, I was in agony and I now am minus a molar. I visit regularly but never see the same dentist twice. In the space of six months this year my teeth apparently went from fine and needing no treatment, to my two upper wisdom teeth needing fillings and a lower molar needing a root canal or extraction. Why was none of this picked up six months ago? I am currently looking for an alternative dental practice and have no plans to return here.

Wendy ClarkWendy Clark

No stars. The most incompetent dental practice I have ever been to! Stay away! I have had at least a 40 minute wait each time even though I told them I have anxiety problems. I attended for a tooth removal, at the start I heard the dentist and dental nurse discuss that the tools they needed for the procedure were being used by another dentist which didn't fill me with confidence! Two hours later the tooth still wasn't out and I was in excruating pain. I was told that I had to go to a specialist and could take two weeks! I spent a whole week in unbelievable pain, eventually I got to the specialist and it took 2 minutes to remove. I also paid in advance for a crown also which would cost over £400. I went to the appointment and told 3 people ahead of me. At this point I had had enough and asked for my money back. I had paid them by cleared funds in advance. I now have to wait up to 2 weeks for a cheque!!! So basically I might get my money in 3 weeks time. Unacceptable!!!!

James RochesterJames Rochester

This dentist wanted to charge me over £700 to for four fillings that I ‘apparently needed’. Went to another dentist after hearing about how good they were and was told that I didn’t four fillings and only needed one for just over £50. Rip off merchants!

Mina Hirani-WoodMina Hirani-Wood

Worst dentist. I recently registered my family at this practice. Three of us had appointment one after another. I was late so wasn't seen. My husband and my baby were seen but the dentist was in a hurry. We were told by the dippy receptionist that the dentist is very busy with other patients - NO ONE was waiting. We were the only ones there. The dentist had plenty of time to see me at the end but just refused me. They all wanted to go home early.

I am not going there again and will register my family else where.

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Abel SantosAbel Santos

Dr muhammed was great dentist I khow him so long.👍

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John WindsorJohn Windsor

They are friendly great service

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Francesca Maria HarperFrancesca Maria Harper

No one ever answers the phone, called 10 times and they hang up after 5 minutes, never respond to online appointment requests. Yet when I’ve been before there is 3/4 people on reception? Open 8-8 but never have any appointments?

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Bryony NorrisBryony Norris

Terrible place. Have kept my husband waiting for nearly an hour so missing bedtime with our 2 sons meaning he hasn’t seen them at all today. Let a family of 4 in before him even though they were booked in after. Spent hundreds on treatment based on their advice only to be told by the new dentist that his mouth is full of decay! We shall be taking our family of 4 elsewhere. Avoid at all costs!

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Etna WhiteEtna White

Took 2 hours from 8:30am to get the phone to answer and trying to book an appointment can't get in for over a month.

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Ed CarterEd Carter

Managed to fit me in at short notice and I see a new dentist who was Beverly good and informative.

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Claire McguckinClaire Mcguckin

I have had my hygienist appointment cancelled for the 4th time today - twice hygienist ill, once hygienist hadn't a chair as the dentist needed it and once no hygienist available. That's three days I've taken off work. I'm told now I cant have hygienist appointments under Denplan from today as they aren't offering them anymore. Last year there were no Denplan dentist for 3 months. still have to pay in full every month though. Its gone really down hill in the last year and the staff aren't at all happy either. Come on Mohammed - lets get it back to being a great place!!

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Bob TurneyBob Turney

One of the best dentists I've had and I've had some good ones. Very happy with the way I'm treated and rarely have long to wait. One of the receptionists appears a bit dippy though? Shame that �

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Joshua PollardJoshua Pollard

fed up of zero care attention to customers

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Matthew WillisonMatthew Willison