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Flitwick High Street Dental PracticeFlitwick High Street Dental Practice
3.7 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Myuran PalarajahMyuran Palarajah

I saw Dr Pav today for a filling which I was quite apprehensive about, but I was really pleased with how he and the rest of the staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable in the chair. Pav was really calming and explained everything really well. The entire thing was pain free and his nurse was delightful and helped put me at ease too. I don’t look forward to going to the dentist but I’m happy to see this team if I ever need anything else done.

Kerry SmithKerry Smith

Ever since this place got taken over its rubbish. Appointment always over run, you can never get through on the phone, appointments cancelled last minute by Text. They literally spend 2 mins checking teeth then send out our, no scraping or cleaning, unless you pay extra of course.

rachel simpsonrachel simpson

my dentist is amazing!!! caring, competent and welcoming. i have had route canals and fillings and my dentist has made me feel safe and comfortable every time. she listens to me and is aware if i'm feeling any pain at all. all my procedures have been 99% pain free and easy. I couldn't recommend them more!!! fantastic.

Cindy NiblockCindy Niblock

What a fantastic Dentist cannot praise them enough .i had 5 teeth out at the front and a plate put in from start to finish the dentist who done all the work was superb ,has put faith back into going the dentist again
I cannot thank you enough and so pleasant to
Thank you

Heather TownsendHeather Townsend

We have been members of the Station Square dental practice since the children were born but decided to move to the High Street practice (all part of the same group) because we couldn't get an appointment at the Station Square dental practice for at least 3 months and more if we wanted an after school time.

My initial impressions with the High Street practice were very positive. Unfortunately it appears that they now also have resourcing problems. A dentist left and their replacement cancelled some of their available days.

As a result my children's dental appointments got cancelled on the day of the appointment. Unfortunately the dental practice knew at least 4 days before hand that they would need to cancel. The practice made no attempt to contact me and even confirmed my children's appointments the day before. I had changed with work hours and childcare arrangements to be at these appointments. I now have to wait over 5 weeks for my children to see a dentist.

Claire McguckinClaire Mcguckin

I have had my hygienist appointment cancelled for the 4th time today - twice hygienist ill, once hygienist hadn't a chair as the dentist needed it and once no hygienist available. That's three days I've taken off work. I'm told now I cant have hygienist appointments under Denplan from today as they aren't offering them anymore. Last year there were no Denplan dentist for 3 months. still have to pay in full every month though. Its gone really down hill in the last year and the staff aren't at all happy either. Come on Mohammed - lets get it back to being a great place!!

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Bob TurneyBob Turney

One of the best dentists I've had and I've had some good ones. Very happy with the way I'm treated and rarely have long to wait. One of the receptionists appears a bit dippy though? Shame that �

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Joshua PollardJoshua Pollard

fed up of zero care attention to customers

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Matthew WillisonMatthew Willison